From Hate to Love: 4 Techniques to Shift Mindset


Aug 5, 2020

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Mindset shifts happen all the time. These changes are one of the things we know will happen in our lives with a 100% certainty. Our current self is not the same as our past self and will not be the same as our future self. Think about you at age 13 vs who you are today vs who you will be in 20 years. Even though they are all "you", these are probably all very different "you"s.  Change is happening on every level including physical, biological, and neurological. On the neurological level, our brains have a magical power of neuroplasticity, which means that nerve cells in the brain are able to constantly reorganize and form new neural connections through out our lifespan. This is how we are able to learn. And it means you have the capability and opportunity to train or retrain your brain.

Below I have listed the four main techniques I have utilized to do just this.   .

Acknowledge: Be open and be curious about your current beliefs and behaviors. Ask "why do I do X or believe in Y." You will either strengthen your current position or create a new one. It's a win win either way.

Association: Connect what you are stating/doing with something beyond the now and your current self. In other words connecting what you are doing to a why or a future goal.

Affirmations: State both verbally and in written form what ever it is you want to shift. Imagine feeling in the present moment having/being this future thing. In other words, imagine you already have/are this thing, what does that feel like (joy, success, confidence, etc) and actually feel those emotions. 

Action: Once you have sense of what you want to change, take action. You learn through repetition and practice. Keep doing it, at some point you will start to form a connection with it. It's like working out a muscle,
which will only get strong working it out over time.

I first experienced this shift when I was 20 years old. It started with blue cheese.

I had always hated blue cheese. First, the concept of eating mold was disgusting. I was taught that mold was bad for you. Second, nothing about the cheese itself was appetizing. The pungent odor, the blue veins covering the cheese, and the texture. One day I was staring at cheese platter and questioned "why if love cheese, do I hate blue cheese. I thought of the reasons why I didnt like it and questioned if these were really valid (Acknowledge). I love food and wanted to always be open to all types of food. I knew I would be happier in the future if I could change my view on blue cheese (Association). So I decided I aught to at least give it a try and that I was going to like blue cheese.  I said to myself, "I love all cheese and that now includes blue cheese. Blue cheese is so delicious!" (Affirmation). Then I started eating it every chance I could (clearly not  delicious at first, but I pushed through). First, I only ate it only with other foods like in a salad and dealt with the pungent flavors (Action). I probably ate blue cheese around forty times before something switched Eventually, I started eating it like I would any other cheese. I now actually love blue cheese. The bluer and moldier the better! 

While this is a simple example, it had a profound impact for my understanding of my ability to shape/shift my  mindset that I can now apply to anything.

Noah K


Father, Innovator, Human.

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